Who’s Who at SCLT

  • Margaret DeVos

    401-273-9419 ext. 102

    Margaret believes everyone benefits when we take on troubling issues in our most challenged communities. She came of age in Detroit questioning systems that offer...read more

  • Appoline Alphonsine


    Appoline joined SCLT’s Youth Program in 2019, and became a food system intern in 2022 after graduating from Hope High School. Since then, she has helped manage youth...read more

  • Ellen Asermely

    401-273-9419 ext. 823

    Ellen came to SCLT in 2021 as a TerraCorps service member and fell in love with the work immediately. She spends her mornings at City Farm as Rich Pederson’s wonder…...read more

  • Director of Garden Programs

    Tarshire Battle


    Tarshire has combined her interests in art and nature to help people heal from the effects of trauma, mental illness, homelessness and incarceration, and to...read more

  • Jenny Boone

    Jenny Boone

    401-273-9419 ext. 106

    Like many people, Jenny learned about SCLT by attending the annual Plant Sale soon after moving to Providence in the ’90s. She joined the staff in early 2015 after working…...read more

  • Kakeena Castro

    Kakeena Castro

    401-273-9419 ext. 808

    Kakeena helps community members obtain high-quality, locally grown food from farmers selling their fresh produce through SCLT’s Farm-to-Market Center. ...read more

  • Andrew Cook

    401-273-9419 ext. 107

    Andrew came to SCLT after working at local community organizations and on area farms. He counseled students at the Community College of Rhode Island and later taught...read more

  • Nancy Ferguson

    401-273-9419 ext. 810

    Nancy joined SCLT in January 2022 as the organization’s first Finance Director. Nancy has been working to help great organizations function better behind the scenes since getting her Masters in…...read more

  • Isabelle Izobankiza

    401-273-9419 EXT. 104

    Born to Burundian parents, Isabelle and her family were uprooted due to regional wars, moving among Burundi, Congo and Tanzania before emigrating to Belgium....read more

  • Indira Miller

    401-273-9419 ext. 805

    Indira joined SCLT in September 2021, providing environmental education, skills training and mentorship to high school youth in Pawtucket....read more

  • Rich Pederson

    401-273-9419 ext. 110

    Many years ago as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Republic of Kiribati, Rich learned that growing food brings people together. This turns out to be just as true...read more

  • Raffini headshot



    Raffini has been educating young people most of her life. She is a poet, oral historian and playwright, best known as a member of RI Black Storytellers....read more

  • Dan Roberts

    401-273-9419 ext. 812

    After working at Waltham Fields Community Farm in Massachusetts for many years, Dan joined SCLT in early 2022 to manage our properties in Providence, Cranston and Hope, RI....read more

  • Shana Santow

    401-273-9419 ext. 103

    With a Bachelor of Architecture from Philadelphia University and a background in designing schools, her focus shifted over time from design to development...read more

  • Samantha Shepherd


    Sam joined in April 2023 as SCLT’s Grants & Communications Coordinator, bringing years of experience in nonprofit development, grant writing, and multichannel communications. Sam graduated from the University of Massachusetts,…...read more

  • Urban Edge Farm manager

    Ben Torpey


    Ben caught the farming bug in 2003 and has co-managed Scratch Farm, a low-till, community-supported market garden at Urban Edge Farm in Cranston since 2012....read more

  • matt tracy

    Matt Tracy


    Matt’s previous farming experiences prepared him well for his role at SCLT, which he joined in early 2021....read more

  • Josselyn Velásquez-Florián


    Josselyn brings 20+ years of community-based experience to her role, including family literacy, ESOL, and women’s leadership...read more

  • Chandelle profile pic

    Chandelle Wilson


    Besides her life-long interest in plants, and parenting three children, Chandelle is also committed to creating healthy spaces in her community. ...read more