We’ve been trying to fix the retail site since Tuesday, and have found a workaround.
(We deeply regret the inconvenience to all of our supporters.) Hundreds of plants still need to find good homes!


Here’s how to order your plants (May 14-17)

  • Click here to go to the retail site

  • Add items to your shopping cart as usual

  • Complete the order info and disregard message saying your order will be shipped – you will still need to pick up your plants

  • Watch for an email from SCLT with a link to the “Plant Sale Pickup Schedule” form. Choose a time from Sunday-Tuesday.(You must schedule a pickup day/time in order to obtain your plants)

  • If you run into trouble during the ordering process, please call us at 401-442-0937




Once again, the Plant Sale is online and curbside

Art by Cathy G. Johnson

Like you, we miss seeing old friends and wandering the paths at City Farm taking in fabulous plants during the Plant Sale. But, we know that the most important thing about the event (besides staying safe) is being able to provide healthy plants so you can grow your own delicious food this summer. Having said that, we are just as eager as you to return to our usual, low-tech, in-person Plant Sales at the Farm!

Curbside pickups will take place over four days, from May 15-18, at City Farm

Instructions will be printed on your receipt.

We are again donating plants through Hope’s Harvest RI

In light of the tremendous increase in food insecurity in the past year, SCLT is collaborating with the nonprofit Hope’s Harvest RI to donate roughly 3,000 plant starts to individuals and families in need who want to grow their own food. Plant Sale customers will be invited to help us defray this cost by making a donation online along with your purchases.

Thank you for being part of our generous community and for supporting our mission. We look forward to welcoming you back to City Farm in 2022!

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