We match farmers with landowners who want to keep their land in production

Kathan Teepe, Sweet Pea Farm, SCLT, farmland access

Kathan Teepe plants her first crop at Sweet Pea Farm, on land she’s leasing in Charlestown, RI.

According to the USDA, farmland in Rhode Island is more expensive than any other state in the country. This makes it extremely difficult for beginning farmers to buy land here.

SCLT is working with partners around the state to help connect people seeking farmland with landowners who want to lease or sell their farmland, to keep it in production and from being developed. Project partners include: Young Farmer Network, The Nature Conservancy of Rhode Island, RI Department of Environmental Management, RI Land Trust Council, Northern RI Conservation District and Land for Good.

Click here to read about how the RI Farmland Access Program helped Sweet Pea Farm find a home on a 100-acre historic property in Charlestown.

If you’d like to be added to the list of Farm Seekersplease complete this online form. SCLT or one of the project partners will contact you if prospective land becomes available. (We may use information from the list when we reach out to landowners about leasing or selling to farmers.)

To be added to the list of Land Owners, please use this link.

For the latest information about the RI Farmland Access Program, please contact Sebastian at 401-273-9419, ext. 105, or e-mail him at sebastian@southsideclt.org

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