Indira has been part of the SCLT team since 2021. In her role as Pawtucket Youth Program Coordinator, she provides engaging environmental education, skills training, life skills development, and mentorship to high school youth in Pawtucket, Central falls, and Providence.

She draws on her experience in earth science, herbalism, and computer technology to educate young people and adults. She enjoys teaching youth about plants, ecology, and value-added natural products such as lip balms, fire cider, cranberry sauce, soap, tea, and more.
Indira is excited to continue working with an array of partners, as well as developing new alliances that benefit the delivery and quality of her programming. She always looks forward to sharing more knowledge and skills through collaborations in Rhode Island, regionally, and across the United States.

Indira’s strengths: Restorative | Achiever | Learner | Strategic | Discipline