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City Farm gets its first all-female crew  

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On the heels of ordering a dazzling variety of seeds for the 2019 season (20,000 alone for the Rare & Unusual Plant Sale), the next order of business for City Farm’s Steward, Rich Pederson is hiring the crew to carry out the work. This includes not only the hands-on mass production of seedlings in the spring, but raising high-yield crops right through the last harvest of the year. These crops, sold at farmers markets and to some of the best restaurants in town, support the educational mission of Providence’s original urban farm.

This year, for the first time, the City Farm crew is all female.

Alejandra Mayorga, who interned at the Farm back in high school, is this year’s assistant farm steward. She has worked on SCLT’s Youth Staff and was among the first cohort of Farm System Interns last summer. Alejandra’s many skills and familiarity with the rhythms of City Farm will be a true asset to the operation.

Aprielle Kinard was hired as City Farm’s apprentice for what is the 10th year of the apprenticeship program. Aprielle is a senior at URI, majoring in Human Development & Family Studies, as well as in English.

Last, but not least, China Yang is he Providence College intern. China comes from a family of avid gardeners and farmers, and hopes to learn about both the business and community engagement sides of City Farm’s operation.

“Every day I learn something new at City Farm,” China says. “It’s fascinating and therapeutic, because gardening can be a source of income, a hobby and passion. I’m excited to be a part of the 2019 season.”