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This year’s Urban Ag Kick-off set for April 8

SCLT’s Urban Ag Kick Off is a fun time to reconnect with neighbors, learn about sustainable  growing practices, and stock up on resources, like free, non-GMO seeds and low-cost,  organic fertilizer. But the most tangible benefit for SCLT members is being able to take home 50 gallons of free, high-quality, organic compost! (Make sure you sign up or re-new  either before or during the event.)

As in years past, we will hold UAKO at four sites in Providence (the West End, Southside, Olneyville, and East Side), from 11 am to 1 pm. There will be a slew of activities at each. (More details to come in our next newsletter and on our Facebook page.)

Meanwhile, we’re looking for volunteers to help out that day and to borrow some small wagons to transport containers of compost to members’ cars.  If you can help with either of these, please contact Agnieszka at (401) 273-9419 or email  agnieszka@southsideclt.org . Thank you!