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Youth staff lay claim to urban farm

Caption: Spring youth staff Infinity, Jailine and Sergio at the Somerset Hayward Community Farm.
Last Wed., Mar. 29, a playful, eye-catching mural was mounted at the Somerset Hayward Community Farm off Broad Street in Providence. The mural depicts a pitchfork with vegetables, an idea suggested by SCLT youth staff and created by Met School student interns at the Avenue Concept.

Emblazoning the property with the new mural comes after a year of hard work, and represents the aspirations of the youth staff, who began clearing the 10,000 sq. ft. site last summer. During the fall they mapped out the plots and installed them with clean soil, and spread wood chips along the paths. This week they planted pea seeds in rows and will be starting scallions, cilantro and potatoes next.
Our summer program for K-8 students will soon be based at the Somerset Hayward Community Farm, which will also have one urban farm plot. The foundation laid by our high school staff will provide youth in 2017 and beyond with food system awareness, advocacy skills and needed job opportunities.

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