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Welcome Chandelle Wilson, our new education programs manager

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“One of my earliest memories is digging up potatoes with my grandmother,” recalls Chandelle Wilson, who became SCLT’s education programs manager in June.

Growing up in Lower South Providence, she says she has been aware of SCLT for as long as she can remember. Maybe it’s not too surprising, then, that she found her way onto our staff.

Since graduating from RISD in 2008 with a degree in fine art, Chandelle has worked in a number of capacities in higher education and in workforce development. Along the way, she also obtained a master’s degree in Education/Community Education from Goddard College in Vermont. More recently, she has pursued studies to become a Master Gardener (25 hours of volunteer service to go!), as well as an herbalist.

“I have always felt connected to nature,” she says.

Besides her life-long interest in plants, and parenting three children, Chandelle is also committed to creating healthy spaces in her community.

At SCLT, she provides training, mentorship and outreach to those new to growing food. Over the summer she was based in Pawtucket, working closely with youth, families and neighbors of Galego Community Farm. She co-led the six-week youth employment program, along with SCLT partners Harvest Kitchen and Groundwork RI, teaching 16 high school students about cooking, nutrition and environmental resilience. Being new to SCLT, she was grateful for the assistance of two dependable returning youth leaders from the neighborhood, Frank and Danny.

She’ll be managing the apprentice program, some beginning farmer training and farm production at Galego Community Farm.

Acclimating to a new workplace during a pandemic, when many staff are working remotely, has got to be a big challenge. Chandelle seemed to manage this with ease, and quickly became a warm and welcome presence on the staff. We’re grateful she was able to meet the challenge.