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We’re collecting soil samples for testing – send us yours

The lab SCLT sends soil samples to has reopened, so staff are able to collect samples again. The first batch will be sent May 8.

As part of our EPA Environmental Justice grant, we’re inviting gardeners to bring a soil sample to our office for testing so you can grow vegetables safely on your own.

It’s important to get a good sample.

how to create a soil representative sample

Illustration courtesy of the US EPA

Here’s how:

  1. Dig 3-5 holes about 6″ deep in different parts of your growing area.
  2. Scoop soil out of the bottom of each hole (collect about 2 cups total).
  3. Mix all of the soil in a bin or other container and remove rocks and sticks.
  4. Let it dry for a day and then put it into a quart-sized Ziploc bag.
  5. Write your name, where the soil is from, and your phone number on the bag with a Sharpie, and bring it to our office.

If there’s lead in your soil:

Most soils naturally have minute, safe amounts of lead in them, but soil levels in urban areas are often too high. If you learn that your lead level is high, SCLT staff will help you plan how to remediate it, and reduce your lead exposure. Some easy steps include: adding compost and clean soil, growing certain crops that do not absorb as much lead, wearing gloves when you garden, and washing your vegetables well.

For more information, contact Andrew at 401-273-9419 ext. 107, or andrew@southsideclt.org