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SCLT helps Sweet Pea Farm find a home in Charlestown, RI

For years Kathan Teepe had been looking for farmland where she could raise vegetables to sell through her own CSA, and where she could cultivate flowers for extra income.

Meanwhile, Carla and Russ Ricci, long-time supporters of SCLT, sought someone to continue stewarding a portion of their 100-acre farm near Charlestown, which includes a pre-Revolutionary War homestead they had lovingly restored.

SCLT’s Farmland Access Program brought them together, enabling Kathan to locate her long-dreamed-of business – Sweet Pea Farm – in Rhode Island.

After several meetings Kathan and Carla Ricci signed a lease in 2017. Soon after, Kathan and friends began preparing the soil for her first harvest.

“We’re delighted to see our old farm serve more families who want good, local food,” said Carla. “Thank you SCLT for linking us up with Kathan Teepe and Sweet Pea Farm.”

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