SCLT’s annual Urban Agriculture Kick-off (UAKO) will take place from 11 am to 1 pm on Sat., Apr. 8, at four sites in Providence: the West End, Southside, Olneyville, and East Side. At each site you’ll find activities for kids along with expert gardeners who can answer questions about growing vegetables without chemicals. You’ll be able to learn about rain barrels, get inspired by the gardens at each location and kick off the season with friends.

SCLT members will be able to stock up on free, non-GMO seeds and low-cost, organic fertilizer and, of course, 50 gallons of free, high-quality, organic compost. Sign up or renew your membership that day to take advantage of all of these benefits.

To pick up compost at UAKO. you must show a current membership card. We recommend getting it here, rather than at the Plant Sale, because the compost pick-up area gets very busy during the Sale. Plus, preparing your garden early means you’ll be able to put your seedlings from the Sale right into the ground when you bring them home!

One more thing: please bring large containers to cart your compost home – plastic storage bins, old recycling boxes or paper yard waste bags all work well. (We will have the latter on hand, but they must be emptied soon if the compost is damp.)

Urban Ag Kick-off sites

Davey Lopes Recreation Center
227 Dudley Street

East Side
Sessions Street Community Garden
160 Sessions Street

West End
Ring Street Community Garden
16 Ring Street

Joslin Park Community Garden
40 Florence Street