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  • 22 Jun 2024

    Container Garden Workshop

    Create and take home your own container garden at our fun and interactive workshop! All materials are provided and participation…
  • 25 Jul 2024

    EcoArt Workshop: Cyanoprinting

    Learn the basic principles of cyanotype printing, and use flowers, leaves, and twigs from City Farm to create your own…
  • 14 Aug 2024

    Introduction to Canning Workshop

    Join us for an immersive workshop on the age-old art of canning foods, where we'll dive into the wonderful world…
  • 25 Aug 2024

    EcoArt: Landscapes with Tape Workshop

    Working at Good Earth Farm, use masking tape and paint to create a unique landscape art piece with natural inspiration…
  • 20 Sep 2024

    EcoArt: Mixed Media Workshop

    Delve into the intersection of art and the natural world and draw inspiration from natural surroundings to create meaningful works…
  • 19 Oct 2024

    EcoArt: Papermaking Workshop

    Learn the art of papermaking using recycled materials and gain practical experience in while learning about environmental sustainability.
  • 15 Nov 2024

    Food Justice Workshop

    Explore the historical context and contemporary issues surrounding food justice, with a focus on the local Food Justice Movement in…