In response to Covid-19, we’ve made changes to this year’s Urban Agriculture Kick-off, beginning Saturday, April 4

If you haven’t been before, the event is tied to SCLT’s annual membership drive, and is when members usually gather to pick up their compost and other gardening resources.

Please read about the following changes:

Membership: please renew or sign up online here! Or, request a membership form be mailed to you if you prefer. Please e-mail about this.

Compost pickup: Beginning April 4, we will have two self-serve compost locations. One will be at the Sessions Street Community Garden and the other at 54 Hayward Street, adjacent to the Somerset Hayward Youth Farm, in South Providence. Please bring your own shovels and bags/bins/buckets to collect compost. (We recommend not picking up right after a heavy rain when compost will be much heavier than usual.) Please limit yourself to 50 gallons, which is 10 full hardware store buckets, or about 5 partially filled yard waste bags.

For those of you who look forward to getting free seeds from us in the spring, we haven’t yet figured out a safe way to make these available. Our staff is largely working from home, and we are limiting access to our office. We recommend you buy them directly from trusted seed sellers. Please see our section about growing plants from seed, with recommendations of where to buy great seeds.

Thank you for your understanding, and know that we’re looking forward to being able to resume our usual spring activities and personally supporting your garden endeavors!

Read about how SCLT membership supports healthy food access and organic gardening and farming practices in Rhode Island. You can join our efforts by volunteering or becoming a member of SCLT.

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