Harvesting Hope 2018

We’d like to send a big thank you to all of you who attended, sponsored, cooked for and donated during last year’s Harvesting Hope fundraiser at the Squantum Association. It was another sweet celebration of the hard work by so many to increase Rhode Islanders’ ability to grow and buy healthy, affordable food.

We did something on a scale we hadn’t before at Harvesting Hope: supplying bushels of fresh produce from 10 farmers in our network directly to 10 of our favorite chefs, who turned their creativity loose to make mouth-watering seasonal fare. Several of you commented that the food at the event was outstanding. Not only did you get to eat directly from the gardens and farms you support through SCLT, you helped to strengthen ties between individual farmers and chefs, a key part of building a strong, local food system.

To learn more about the farmers and chefs from Harvesting Hope, you can read about them here. To find out where you can buy food from many of these farmers, go to the Where to Buy Locally Grown Food page of our website. Lastly, to buy large quantities of fresh produce for your business or next big event, contact Craig@southsideclt.org who manages our Aggregation Program.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at next year’s Harvesting Hope!


Harvesting Hope sponsors, SCLT, Squantum

Harvesting Hope celebrates local harvests and progress made towards improving Rhode Island’s food system so that it serves everyone. We invite you to join our efforts at any time of the year!