Spend the growing season on one of four local farms

Alondra Rivera, apprentice at Sidewalk Ends Farm in 2017.

Apprentices train full-time at one of four host farms: City Farm, Foggy Notion Farm, Pat’s Pastured and Sidewalk Ends Farm. The apprentice program combines in-depth farm skills from farm mentors with tours, classes and network-building opportunities. As an apprentice you will complete the program with not only technical skills, but a broader understanding of farm conditions and connections to resources needed to begin a farming career.

Apprentices develop an education plan with their host farmers and participate in SCLT’s beginning farmer training program.

As an apprentice you will make connections with important agencies and businesses to grow your network in the farming community, including meeting USDA staff and extension specialists.

The on-farm program is six months long, from approximately April through September. (The specific schedule is set by the host farmer.) Some of the required workshops will begin in March. Apprentices are paid a monthly stipend.

Right now we are accepting applications for Foggy Notion Farm only.

To apply for a 2018 apprenticeship, download the form here (English or Spanish).

For the latest information about our Farm Apprenticeship program, please contact Maggie at 401-273-9419, ext. 104, or e-mail her at maggie@southsideclt.org

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