It’s easy, free and great for your garden

Adding compost to your soil improves its tilth, fertility and ability to retain moisture. This increases your yield while also saving water. Composting mimics natural processes by speeding up the decomposition of food organic matter. It’s a great, easy way to reduce household waste and create nutrient-rich soil for your garden.

Through composting, plant matter and food waste break down to release nutrients for new plants by creating a sustainable plant fertilizer. Compost is made up of about one-quarter “green matter” (food scraps, grass clippings, crushed eggshells, etc.), and three-quarters “brown matter” (yard waste, coffee grounds, cardboard, etc.). This ratio provides the right combination of nitrogen and carbon to speed decomposition.

Watch these short how-to videos about composting

1. The all-important Compost Ratio

2. Maintaining your Compost: Rats and Aeration

3. Applying your Compost

SCLT staff put all these steps together (and added a few fake body parts) in this fun video: Zompost

Resources for composting in Providence

The Compost Depot at Frey Gardens

Contact: Michael Bradlee
(401) 952-5533
The Compost Depot is both a neighborhood compost depot adjacent to a  community garden, offering a one-stop service for residents. It accepts all types of food scraps without charge. Contact Michael to participate as availability is limited.

Harvest Cycle Compost

Contact: Ally Trull
(401) 400-1765
Harvest Cycle provides pedal-powered residential compost pick-up and CSA delivery to all of Providence. It diverts usable food scraps to local farms, which then use it to grow veggies for their CSA’s. HC then delivers CSA shares to people in Providence – all by bicycle!

The ‘Post Man

Contact: Anders Newkirk
The ‘Post Man delivers food scraps to urban farms like City Farm during the growing season, and to The Compost Plant during the winter. The resulting compost is used by local farmers as well as home gardeners to grow high-quality, healthy produce.

Earth Care Farm

Contact: Jayne Merner Senecal
(401) 364-9930

Earth Care Farm is a family operated, holistic farm specializing in making high-quality compost. They blend the ingredients (including, seaweed, food scraps, animal bedding/manures, yard waste, clean gurry and shellfish), and screen the compost through a ½” screen. They also give farm tours and raise produce.

The Compost Plant

Contact name: Leo Pollock
The Compost Plant makes bulk deliveries for gardeners and farmers, and sells bagged Rhody Gold all natural compost and soil mixes. The Compost Plant collects food waste from a variety of businesses, including higher education institutions, restaurants, and hospitals.

Smithfield Peat
(401) 231-1111

Since 1964, Smithfield Peat Co. has been widely recognized as a pioneer and innovator in the Green Movement.

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