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Laura Bozzi Joins Providence Business News’s 40 Under Forty Class

Where do you see yourself professionally in 20 years? 

The decisions we make now on addressing issues such as climate change will fundamentally affect what 2037 looks like. I hope that we’re on the right path in 20 years, and that what I’m doing then helps us move forward toward a livable and just world.

What’s the best career advice you’ve received? 

Working at a small fisheries organization on Cape Cod, I learned that big policy impact can happen in local places if led by a strategic, trend-setting organization. After that, I changed my plans from a career in Washington, D.C., to working at the regional level.

What is your favorite Rhode Island food and where do you get it? 

Spinach pies from Caserta’s, strip pizza from LaSalle Bakery, clam cakes from Aunt Carrie’s, and local veggies from my organization’s farm, City Farm, at the Armory or Lippitt Park Farmers Markets in Providence.

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