Every year SCLT hosts its Urban Agriculture Kick-off (UAKO) when city gardeners and urban farmers can get free veggie and flower seeds and low-­cost, organic fertilizer. SCLT members can take home 50 gallons of high­-quality compost (!) to help their gardens flourish. Join here and support urban gardening and farming, as well as making healthy food available and affordable to low-income Rhode Islanders who have limited access to it.

UAKO will take place in three neighborhoods in Providence:

  • Southside/Davey Lopes Recreational Center, 227 Dudley Street
  • East Side/Sessions Street Community Garden, 160 Sessions Street
  • Valley/site of the future Valley Street Community Garden

At each site you’ll also find activities for kids and expert gardeners who can answer questions about how to grow vegetables organically. For more information about this event, go to the UAKO page of our site.