Who’s Who at SCLT

  • Margaret DeVos

    401-273-9419 ext. 102

    Margaret believes everyone benefits when we work on challenging issues in our most troubled communities. She came of age in Detroit questioning systems that offer abundant opportunities to some, while…...read more

  • Jenny Boone

    401-273-9419 ext. 106

    Like many people, Jenny first heard about SCLT by attending the annual Plant Sale, soon after relocating to Providence. She joined the staff in early 2015 after working in the…...read more

  • Rob Booz

    401-273-9419 ext. 109

    One of Rob’s first paying jobs was picking sweet corn on a family farm in his hometown in central Connecticut. Since then he has been a guerilla gardener, farmworker, cook…...read more

  • Johny Angel Ramos

    Johny has been part of the SCLT family since he and a friend from the neighborhood wandered through City Farm’s gates when he was 8 years old. He was enchanted by the…...read more

  • Andrew Cook

    401-273-9419 ext. 107

    Andrew came to SCLT in 2015 after working at local community organizations and on area farms. He counseled students at the Community College of Rhode Island and later taught adult…...read more

  • Craig Demi

    401-273-9419 ext. 101

    Having grown up in a steel town situated in one of Pennsylvania’s rich agrarian valleys, Craig knows that communities are built upon their connections to the land. He believes there…...read more

  • Nayeema Eusuf

    Growing up in Bangladesh, some of Nayeema’s most enjoyable childhood moments were spent in the family garden and watching her mother, a teacher, prepare meals with the food they grew.…...read more

  • Maggie Krueger

    401-273-9419 ext. 104

    Maggie coordinates our youth employment program and farmers market outreach initiatives. She developed her commitment to an equitable food system in the rolling hills of Appalachia, while completing her degree…...read more

  • David Kuma

    Formerly employed in landscaping and plant nursery work, Dave was an apprentice at Scratch Farm in 2016 before working at City Farm. The son of a biologist who often kept a garden,…...read more

  • Rich Pederson

    401-273-9419 ext. 110

    Many years ago as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Republic of Kiribati, Rich learned that growing food brings people together. This turns out to be just as true today,…...read more

  • Agnieszka Rosner

    (401)-273-9419 ext.100

    Agnieszka joined the SCLT team in January 2017. She spent the first few years of her life in an orphanage in Poland where access to nutritious food was rare at…...read more

  • Shana Santow

    401-273-9419 ext. 103

    Shana joined SCLT as development director in 2013. Rooted in the belief that good food is fundamental to building a healthy child, Shana was drawn to the organization’s work in…...read more

  • Joao Filipe Tavares-Carreiro

    401-273-9419 ext 108

    His passion for the outdoors has taken him from the White Mountains of New Hampshire to the coastal estuaries of southern Rhode Island, and across the Pacific to the "Land…...read more