Building Compost Bins

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Compost bins come in all shapes and sizes, including:

• One huge, elongated composted heap

• Rows of pallet composters. City Farm steward Rich Pederson prefers these because pallets are free and provide good structure for a composting pile. They are easily aerated and one can take a wheel barrow to transport compost to a garden bed. See video below to build your own.

• Plastic composter bins . These are convenient, but plastic can break and get warped. Make sure you do your research!

• Compost tumblers (elevated from the ground, with a handle to turn and aerate your pile easily). These can be expensive, get really heavy and difficult to turn and not as easily aerated.

• Chicken wire cage. Another cheap and effective DIY composting bin. Instructions found at

• A bucket with holes in the bottom

Whether you choose a to purchase a fancier compost tumbler, bin or indoor instant-composting system, we always recommend you use the correct 3-1 ratio and aerate.


If you're interested in learning how to build your own compost bin, take a look at the following video:




Pallet from Southside Community Land Trust on Vimeo.

Composting bins can be anything from an inexpensive, DIY project to a store-bought plastic tumbler. There are options for everyone!