Voices of Urban Agriculture

Urban agriculture in Providence is a small, but powerful movement that weaves together issues around greater food safety, food security and the health of our communities. Southside Community Land Trust recognizes the growing voice of urban farmers in this city, and how their stories and experiences are carving a way for greater legitimacy, recognition, and unity in Providence's urban agriculture scene.

Here is a collection of stories, speeches, and articles that are significant to this movement in Providence.

City Refocuses its Vision on Urban Farms

*published by Frank Carini, EcoRI April 20, 2012

"PROVIDENCE — The words hit with the force of a hoe bashed upside his head. After all the work his soil-stained hands had done to transform a derelict city lot into a bountiful urban farm, Than Wood couldn’t believe what he was reading: “… a vacant lot, which we propose to purchase and convert into a community-based garden.”

What!? During the past two growing seasons, Wood’s Front Step Farm had produced more than 2,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables, and this upcoming season two dozen neighbors had already bought weekly community-supported agriculture shares in the Backyard Farms CSA..." click here to read the rest of the article


Urban Farmer Finds Patriotism in the Land She Works

*originally published by EcoRI, Tess Brown-Lavoie of Sidewalk Ends Farm in Providence and the Little City Growers Co-op attended the National Farmers Union annual convention in Omaha, Neb., from March 4-7. She delivered this speech.

" Thanks to folks at the National Farmers Union for inviting me to speak. I am a new voice, and it takes enormous confidence for them to bring me here. I say I am new, and I am. In many ways. I am new to farming, new to the Farmers Union and new to agricultural discourse. This is only my third year working on the land, and my first owning a small-farm operation. I grew up in a large town bordering Boston, and my parents are schoolteachers. When I was little, my experiences with agriculture were limited to trips to apple orchards and the farm stands we visited on the way home..." click here to read the full speech.

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