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Harvesting Hope: Gracie’s Chef Matt Varga on Growing RI’s Food Systems

This year’s Harvesting Hope fundraiser to benefit the Southside Community Land Trust (SCLT) will feature a menu designed by Gracie’s executive chef Matt Varga ’05 that will draw almost exclusively from local farmers, purveyors and brewers. The event, which takes place at the Squantum Association on Tuesday, October 3, highlights the SCLT’s work to strengthen, expand and better integrate a sustainable local food system here in Rhode Island.

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Pulp Fiction

Visit the Rhode Island seashore, stumble on some Japanese knotweed, and you’ll probably label it as a nuisance. May Babcock sees the invasive species as a source of inspiration.

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The Manton Avenue Project Teaches Kids to Tell Their Own Stories

The non-profit after-school program is based in Providence’s Olneyville neighborhood.

by  Casey Nilsson

It’s a bitterly cold day in March, all bite and bluster, but Hope Artiste Village in Pawtucket is warm. And it smells like cake.

A group of eight-and nine-year-olds — about ten in total — ace the sniff test. “Cupcakes!” a few shriek, drawing out a long “a” in unison.

But the children, from Providence’s Olneyville neighborhood, will eat neither cake nor cupcake. By the end of the hour, they’ll taste purple carrots and pea greens and spicy radishes fitted neatly into Dixie cups.

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